What Is The Steem Comic Convention?

What is the Steem Comic Convention?

The Steem Comic Convention is an account (@steem-comic-con) on the Steem blockchain, as well as a WordPress based website (www.steemcomicconvention.com) dedicated to the promotion and success of comics and “geek culture” related content on Steem. There is no physical venue, no tickets to buy or travel arrangements to make. (Although maybe someday there will be!) The convention is a metaphor that relates to all the wonderful comics, geek, and pop culture content being shared on the Steem blockchain to the live events that so many of us know and love. Comic conventions are all inclusive, positive, creative, and celebratory events that bring people together. Online, our convention hall is the Steem blockchain, allowing the event to be eternal, infinite, worldwide, at all hours of the day and night.


What Does the Steem Comic Convention Do?

Currently the Steem Comic Convention functions in much the same way as some paid upvote and promotion services on the Steem blockchain. The account shares selected content in a curated feed to its followers, while also providing upvotes to those content creators whose work is being recognized. Additional content is also shared via the www.steemcomicconvention.com website to provide additional visibility. The website also offers advertising banner space at no charge to its valued community members. However unlike paid promotional services, the SCC does not seek any payment for these shares, votes, or advertisements. Content is manually curated, completely at the discretion of the Steem Comic Convention.


How Can I Be A Part of the Steem Comic Convention?

If you’re reading this, then you already are! You are most certainly at least a casual attendee of the con, or possibly a hardcore geek, back issue dealer, independent comic creator, phenomenal cosplayer, or legendary gamer. Following the @steem-comic-con account, browsing the www.steemcomicconvention.com website, and chatting with your fellow enthusiasts, these are all just tools to help discover, enjoy, and interact with the content you like best and meet some likeminded individuals worldwide through the magical alchemy of the internet and the blockchain.


There’s Gotta Be More To It, Right?

Hopefully there will be in time. As new tools and services emerge, the Steem Comic Convention has every intention of making use of them. Improved WordPress integration with Steem can bring the site to a whole new level, new sites and apps leveraging the Steem blockchain are launching frequently, and dedicated community features are soon to launch on Steemit. As participation in the convention increases, it will also be possible to run contests and prize giveaways, sponsor creators and artists, and perform outreach marketing to help grow the community, making it more fun, and more rewarding for everyone within it.


How Can I Help?

  1. First and foremost, be active within the community. Not only within the material explicitly shared by the Steem Comic Convention, but in all the great material you find in the realm of comics, cosplay, pop culture, collectibles, and gaming. Upvote what you like. Leave substantive comments and strike up conversation. Activity and the interconnectedness of a community creates a virtuous cycle which will allow us all to get the most out of our time on Steem.
  2. If you’ve got plenty of Steem Power you can consider a delegation of that power to @steem-comic-con. This is not recommended for most users, but we’ll welcome it all the same. There are tutorials, tools and information on how to delegate available; and if enough interest is expressed, help or a custom button/form will be provided in the future. Currently the SCC derives almost all its power through a delegation from founder @bryan-imhoff which will remain until the Convention has sufficient voting weight of its own.
  3. In the not too distant future the Steem Comic Convention envisions reaching out to a few community leaders to serve as moderators and curators. If you’re interested feel free to let us know and keep on the lookout for any announcement and future invitations regarding such positions.